Contract and construction rules and regulations vary from country to country. ijContractSolutions has comprehensive understanding of the relevant requirements to minimise the risk of the challenging hurdles of tight budget and limited timeframes.

ijContractSolutions is proficient in advising on major construction projects as well as routine maintenance activities in numerous countries all around the world. Through excessive experience gained over many years of working in various sectors, ijContractSolutions has a detailed understanding of the commercial interests of its clients and offers reliable and commercial advice to help achieving financial targets and schedule.
The flexibility of our provided services tailored to meet your specific requirements secures results at effective control of projects. ijContractSolutions provides the following services:

Commercial & Contract Management

Traditional values have become increasingly “cost value” orientated in today’s fast changing economic environment. Companies are actively seeking to reduce costs coupled with an increased technical and qualitative product approach resulting in lower margins.

Reliable contractual and commercial management skills are required to increase the efficiency of your project performance and to ensure that overruns are avoided.

Integrated Commercial Management is the process by which an organisation protects its interests in respect of contractual and financial risks. Effective implementation of this intrinsic process maximises the financial success of your project and eventually of your company as a whole.

Commercial risks can arise from:

  • the way in which the contract has been drafted;
  • the instructions and implementation of changes in the scope of the works;
  • the processing applications for payment;
  • the assessment of the contractor’s entitlements to additional payment;

but also can originate from:

  • the way a tender has been prepared and priced;
  • the identification and additional payment of entitlements, ensuring compliance with contractual requirements;
  • how the financial status of the project is recorded and reported upon.

The objective of ijContractSolutions is to protect you as a client from these problems before or as they arise. Its systematic and economical solutions reduce or even avoid costly legal and commercial disputes and maximise the profitability of your project. This is best done by integrating ijContractSolutions in your team throughout the life-cycle of your project.

ijContractSolutions will assist in achieving the project objectives whose success will depend on:

  • correct analysis of potential suppliers & contractors;
  • rigorous pre-qualification of procedures;
  • conclusive tender and award negotiations;
  • accurate progress reporting, proactive financial & commercial administrations;
  • establishment of a consistent procurement strategy, including the instituting of a work breakdown structure and cost coding identification.

Depending on the stage of the life-cycle of your project ijContractSolutions can:

  • assist in tender negotiations;
  • review proposed contract documents and agreements to identify specific risks;
  • assist in reviewing the forms of contract;
  • advise on changes to avoid onerous conditions and to maximise the opportunity to avoid disputes in the future;
  • review tender contracts to avoid contentious and ambiguous provisions;
  • verify that the contract reflect agreements reached during tender negotiations;
  • work with your staff to develop their awareness of risk and commercial management;
  • prepare and implement procedures for record keeping and risk monitoring;
  • develop project responsibility matrices;
  • draft general and specific conditions of contracts;
  • review the commercial and contractual documentation and advise on any improvements;
  • design & implement project controls and procurement strategies;
  • assist in the interpretation of measurement and specifications;
  • valuate certificates to ensure correct and proper payment is made;
  • prepare and implement appropriate methods of cost reporting;
  • identify variations to the scope of the works and ensure appropriate notices are issued;
  • manage the payment application process;
  • identify opportunities for additional time/payment and ensure appropriate notices are issued;
  • keep independent project oversight and report accordingly;
  • execute contract administration;
  • advise on the interpretation of the bespoke FIDIC conditions of contract (red, yellow,…);
  • introduce claims management should the need arise.
Quantity Surveying & Cost Engineering

ijContractSolutions handling your outsourced contracts means conducting quantity surveying support to all type of contracts and ensuring financial control of projects, including all elements of cost reporting, interim payments and final account settlement.

With field surveying operation ijContractSolutions reports planned performance against earned and burned value with recommendations to fine-tune the project execution to management across the complete spectrum of project sectors.

The identification of value for money is to challenge necessity against the project core requirements, recommend alternatives and highlight solutions with achievable cost savings. Value Engineering, the examination of operating costs, maintenance costs as well as capital cost and determination of financially feasibility can be outlined and clearly labelled by ijContractSolutions.

Our Quantity Surveying services include, inter alia, the following:

  • estimating of all classes, from factorizes to rough quantities;
  • feasibility studies including financial modelling & risk assessment analysis;
  • contract advisory including negotiation and contract drafting;
  • bills of quantities of all installations from schedule of rates to fixed lump sums;
  • commercial tender evaluation;
  • contract negotiation and administration;
  • cost engineering including cost planning, cost budgeting and cost control;
  • commercial solutions and procurement support;
  • facilities management;
  • delay and disruption analysis;
  • evaluation, negotiation and settlement of contractual claims;
  • settlement of final accounts.
Risk Analysis & Project Control

Any construction project is prone to a multitude of things that can go wrong, risks that can seriously jeopardise the aimed contract-commercial successes. This occasionally results in a dispute that, if left unresolved, can escalate quickly with significant consequences. The longer a dispute lasts, the more likely it is to impact your business operation in terms of cost, time and reputation.

ijContractSolutions advises in practical solutions to the problems in your project that arise and will ensure that they are designed to increase certainty and avoid time and cost overruns and costly disputes.

The difference between the success and failure of a project can be a regimented system of project controls to review both actual costs and progress against the budget. To maximize the benefit of the results of these comparisons they need to be religiously up-dated on a regular basis to safeguard that variances from the budget and planned intent can be identified. A detailed analysis of these variances will provide early warnings to establish if the project is deviating from the plan and allow the necessary corrective action to be implemented.

ijContractSolutions has the experience to formulate an early analysis of enquiry documentation to highlight possible areas of risk and potential scope-, time and/or money change, to inform its clients in time enabling the correct business decisions to be taken.

Claim & Alternative Dispute Resolution

Claim administration involves the preparation and prosecution or defence of engineering and construction claims regarding, inter alia, the increased time and cost of performance resulting from unresolved change/variation orders, disputed specifications, delays, loss of productivity and other causes.

ijContractSolutions has 15 years of experience in providing effective claim administration services. We believe that every dispute, like every client, is unique. Accordingly we ensure that our assignment is tailored to suit the circumstances of each appointment.
Our experienced, multi-disciplinary consultant(s) allow ijContractSolutions to offer reliable and commercially driven strategic guidance to help preserve working relationships and ensure earliest possible settlement.

We firmly believe in ‘prevention rather than cure’ and frequently advise clients on dispute avoidance and best practise as well as providing ‘behind the scenes’ advice on how to resolve disputes informally wherever possible. However, when a dispute cannot be avoided ijContractSolutions has the skills and experience to help you achieve the right solution. We can help you evaluate the various dispute resolution options and manage your dispute.

Documents prepared for submission to any Alternative Dispute Resolution panel that has jurisdiction over construction disputes can be examined, written and compiled by ijContractSolutions.
A well prepared claim, claim responses or counter-claim(s) in accordance with the contractual requirements, may assist in avoiding arbitration and thus providing the best opportunity for a successful outcome.

Depending on the stage of the life-cycle of your project ijContractSolutions can:

  • draft contractual notices and submit any response of contractual nature;
  • identify potential claims;
  • advice in procedures for the implementation of project contemporary record control;
  • submit monthly update of all interim claims;
  • avoid disputes;
  • settle final account and project close-out;
  • assess the extension of time and financial claims;
  • prepare claim documents for extension of time, acceleration and disruption including related cost narratives;
  • issue claim responses and counter-claims;
  • facilitate amicable settlement negotiations strategy;
  • analyse delay and disruption events;
  • calculate liquidated damages.